Fabric Trees

These fabric trees are SO cute for Fall, Christmas, any time of year! Plus, they are SO easy to make! After you make the first one the rest will only take about 10 minutes each and you’ll be digging through your scrap fabric to make more! I know I did! This came from several other crafters and bloggers so it isn’t anything new, but it was new to me! And I love these!

The items I used are:

  • Fabric, depending on the size of tree you’ll need two 6 inch scraps or larger, or smaller….
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Small wood dowels that will fit into the empty spools (got mine at Walmart, I used the sticks for skewers)
  • Empty spools (Hobby Lobby is where I got mine)
  • Flat wood slices (Hobby Lobby has these too)
  • Stuffing (from an old pillow or fiber fill from craft stores)
  • Beads (from Walmart, Hobby Lobby, Amazon…)
  • Cute fabric ribbon with balls, tassels or something else cute for the bottom trim.

Cut your fabric tree!

First cut triangles out of two layers of fabric. This will be the exact size of your tree.

Glue the sides

Now with WRONG sides together you will hot glue both sides together from top to bottom. Now you have a flat tree with the bottom open.

Stuff the fabric tree

Now take some stuffing and push it up into the tree. I do not overstuff mine as it is hard to seal it closed at the bottom.

Adding the stick

Now you will need to take your dowel/skewer and push it up into the tree. You will need to place the bottom end into the spool to make sure it is where you want it to be when finished.

Adding beads

Go ahead and add beads (if you want) to the bottom of the skewer. Keep in mind that it has to fit on top of the spool with the stick down inside the spool. Go ahead and glue the bottom of the tree including the stick!

Adding the trunk

At this point you will put glue down inside the spool and then put the stick in the spool and hold it for a second so that it stays in place.

Final Touches

Now you can make it “fancy”! This is when you will add your bottom trim, if you want to. This time I tried tassel ribbon and it turned out so cute! Just cut the ribbon the width of the bottom of the tree, put down a line of hot glue on the tree and then stick the top of the ribbon to it!

Adding a stand

I used a little round of wood that I got at Hobby Lobby. Place a dollop of glue in the middle of the round and stick the spool right on top! You are finished!

Fabric Trees
Fabric Trees


These trees are SO fun to make! You can use a larger round, or other base, and add a bunch of trees to it to make a long row that can go on a mantle or shelf! The possibilities are numerous! Have fun and enjoy making these trees!

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